The Active Roster

  • Game of Thrones Draft
    With the upcoming season premiere of Game of Thrones, Rich & Jerome execute the first ever Active Roster Game of Thrones Draft This episode was recorded inside the original FriedoNation Studios and is brought to you by Drunken Cow Jerky  
  • Anniversary Show
    It's been 6 great months of: Conspiracy Theories Movies TV Shows Daily Fantasy Rangers Cowboys Mavericks Stars
  • Grinders
    The guys talk some Daily Fantasy Sports and other things sports and life over the holiday weekend
  • Who Would Win a Fight Between ______?
    Wrestlers vs MMA Fighters vs Boxers
  • Unedited
  • BaseBrawls
    Fights fights fights
  • Cyclists Beware
  • Remote Broadcast
    This week The Active Roster takes the show on the road.   It's their first (of hopefully many) remote broadcasts. Among other things, they talk Rangers, FC Dallas and TV Shows in this episode.
  • Random Musings--Let's Talk Sports
    Let's Talk Sports
  • Changes
    Jerome is turning the page...
  • Love Connection--Get Chad a Date
    The guys attempt to score a date for their friend Chad. Chad is a good looking dude that watches too much baseball. Whoever wins a date with Chad will also get to go to a Texas Rangers game with him.
  • No Runsheet No Editing
    The guys (and Friedo) talk LivePD and come up with some great ideas for new TV Shows. Felonious Physical Fitness where Jerry goes to prison for 60 days and starts his own training program (Prison90X)
  • Conspiracy Theories & Truth
    Bareback & Baxter make their triumphant return.   This time may be better than the last.   As a matter of fact Mr. Baxter's Attorney has a very well written apology for the last episode.
  • The Active Rundown--
    Final Four Opening Day Zeke Elliott
  • Bracket Advice
    Rich & Jerome tackle some extremely complicated bracketology in this episode. Rich makes his NCAA Tournament Selections using a common sense approach Jerome, on the other hand, makes his selections using the tried & true method of determining the tougher mascot.
  • The Active Rundown-March 11, 2017
  • College Hoops w/Shelby Mast
    College Hoops expert Shelby Mast joins Rich & Jerome
  • College Hoops w/Shelby Mast
  • Early March Rundown
    NFL Free Agency March Madness Spring Training
  • Conspiracy Theory Roundtable
      It takes a brave and courageous show like The Active Roster to take on the "powers that be" and talk about the conspiracy theories that others are too afraid to tackle. Rich and Jerome had to disguise their voices and hide their locations to speak with 2 of the leading conspiracy experts in the country. Using aliases, they boldly talk about these heavily controversial topics including 9/11, JFK and even Gilligan's Island's true meaning. You'll hear that the elite were trying to distort and block the transmission, but the truth can not be held back. Enjoy this tongue in cheek episode, the Conspiracy Theory Roundtable. 
  • The Active Rundown
    The guys talk: Rangers Mavericks Fantasy Baseball
  • The Active Roscars
    Rich & Jerome give out their awards for the best movies of 2016
  • Daily Fantasy
    Rich & Jerome are both very active daily fantasy players. In this episode they discuss the ins and outs as well as the legal happenings surrounding daily fantasy sports
  • Redneck Ghost Hunters
    The Redneck Ghost Hunter, joins Rich & Jerome to talk all things paranormal
  • Reasons to Watch the NBA
    Top 5 reasons to watch the NBA even when your team is done.
  • Bleacher Report Report Card
    The guys "grade" an article from Bleacher Report that was written in early 2016 predicting what would be the top stories to follow in 2016
  • 11 Burning Questions
    In this episode Rich & Jerome answer the 11 most burning questions in the bubble of their lives.  A lot of shows only take it to 10 but The Active Roster takes it to 11.
  • Cowboys Review/Preview
    The Dallas Cowboys season ended last week...In this episode Rich & Jerome review the season and preview next season.
  • Sports Villains
    In this episode the guys talk Sports Villains. Those athletes you love to hate.  
  • What's Friedo Up To?
    In this episode, Rich & Jerome catch up with Friedo. They talk about Friedo's new office/studio where he is helping businesses and organizations add podcast to their marketing strategy. If you'd like to add a podcast as part of your organization's marketing strategy or just want to do one for fun, check out or shoot him an email
  • Getting to Know Jessika
    She's the voice of The Active Roster. She's also incredibly smart, funny and quick on her toes. She's Jessika. In this episode of The Active Roster you will get to meet her.
  • Binge Watching
    The guys tackle the burning question:  What TV Shows are most binge worthy. Breaking Bad Sopranos Game of Thrones
  • Sports Tears
    In this episode Rich and Jerome discuss Sports Tears. If you are a sports fan there is no doubt that you will be able to relate to the experiences that Rich and Jerome describe when it comes to having a good sports cry.
  • The Active Roster w/Rich & Jerome
    In this episode Rich & Jerome, discuss, dissect & debate the merits of their favorite broadcasters of all time.
  • The Active Roster-Stadium Memories
    In Episode 4 of The Active Roster Rich & Jerome share stadium memories.   Rich tells stories of heckling outfielders at Arlington Stadium Jerome shares his awful memory of a lopsided Cotton Bowl Game
  • The Active Roster Episode 3--The Water Challenge
    In this Episode Rich presents the H2O Challenge to Jerome. Jerome, a corporate trainer by day is a self described water addict.  Rich gives him 5 cups of water and challenges Jerome to identify the brand of each. Jerome also gives some great tips on how to keep the New Year Resolution that everyone makes:  "I'm Going to Get & Stay Healthy in 2017"
  • The Active Roster--Episode 2
    In this episode, Rich & Jerome talk Cowboys Playoffs
  • The Active Roster Episode 1
    In this inaugural episode, Rich & Jerome discuss New Year's Resolutions for their favorite teams.   They also tackle hard hitting issues of the world such as daily fantasy selections and 8 team parlays